Poly Common, Andover Massachusetts

This unique Anechoic Chamber was designed to completely absorb sound waves that were entering from surrounding areas i.e. exterior walls/doors. This chamber is now completely acoustically sound and lacks any interference. The product showcased here is SonexMax 12″ x 12″ x 12″ with a 3″ base with custom designed shapes in color Natural Grey.

Mikro Beer Bar

Mikro is a craft beer bar that just opened a new location in an old factory building. With a main dining room that has a 2 story ceiling and industrial chic look, there was not much natural sound absorption. The addition of acoustic panels has made this restaurant a much more comfortable gathering place for intimate conversations or parties of any size.

Cornerstone Church

At Corner Stone Church reverberation of music and sermons was making it difficult for the congregation to decipher what was being said. We provided and installed 4 inch thick fabric wrapped fiberglass panels to provide higher quality room acoustics for the contemporary church music as well as the clarifying audibility of the spoken word by the minster.

Veterinary Hospitals & Dog Kennels

We engineered a solution to reduce the noise and improve speech intelligibility for Veterinarians when in the exam room. Barking/ crying was traveling from the surrounding rooms creating compounding stress for both pets and owners. Reducing noise levels lowered the anxiety of pets and owners which improved the quality of care by streamlining in-exam-room procedures. The staff was able to perform faster blood draws and injections with less stress on animals resulting in happier clients. A more comfortable environment allowed for reduced exam times without compromising the level of care being given. The staff was able to increase the number of patients seen per day. Win win for everyone!

Video Conference Rooms

In video conference rooms, room acoustic engineering is very important. This is because of the electronic equipment that transmits the audio. Equipment audio transmission tends to be susceptible to interference and distortion from HVAC systems as well as sound reverberation from human voices in the space.  Adding absorptive materials easily provides a solution to what is often a complicated problem.