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SONEX Panels can be mounted with illbruck's AcouSTIC adhesive on walls or partitions.

By absorbing airborne sound energy, they reduce overall noise, reverberation and standing waves.  SONEX Panels can be used in almost any application or enviroment, from large, open manufacturing facilities to small, noisy equipment rooms.  Choose from a variety of thicknesses, patterns, painted surfacesm or coatings, such as Hypalon which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

FABRITEC fabric-covered panels are an attractive alternative for office space adjacent to manufacturing facilities.  These are also available with an easy-to-clean, microperforated vinyl covering.

Standard sheet size is 2' x 4', and SONEX Panels can be easily cut to fit around fixtures and corners.  All SONEX Panels are available in willtec, which is ASTM E84 Class 1 rated for low flammability and flame spread.  SONEXclassic, SONEXmini, SONEXjunior, and SONEXpyramid Panels are also available in economical polyurethane foam for applications that do not require Class 1 fire-rated materials.

SONEX gives superior acoustics to schools, gymnasiums, public buildings, restaurants, auditoriums, retail stores, churches, music rooms, indoor many other applications, without detracting from their design.

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