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Designed as a modular, flexible approach to noise protection in the plant enviroment.

Screens are easily  joined together to form a noise configuration that best meets your needs.

Screens can be used in a variety of ways to protect workers from noise generating industrial activities.  Common industrial applications include:

  • Creating an enclosure around a noisy machine.
  • A barrier wall to isolate noise sources from nearby workers.
  • Isolate noise generating work activities.

Modular Acoustic panels combine our QFM (Quilted Fiberglass Material) which absorbs reverberant noise, and mass loaded vinyl material which provides a barrier to stop noise in its path.  The tubular steel frame supports each panel utilizing a slip-joint, thumbscrew construction for fast easy assembly.  Panels fasten together by means of 2" wide Velcro strips along eges allowing the creation of a sealed sound enclosure using several screens.

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